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Brief Online Specs On Stellite Machine Works

Stellite is a registered trademark. The stellite machining pittsburgh business entails the premium quality binding of metal. Another way of putting it then. It is the provision of metallurgically binded welding work. It generally utilizes a cobalt and nickel base as part of its alloy manufacture.

Other alloys being built include carbide, iron bases and what the above trademark refers to as ‘intermetallics’. Methods of deposition being used include the plasma transfer arc. Numerous materials are being used in this process, and one of them is that of oxy-acetylene.

Overlay deposits created are low in dilution. There are no defects and the density created is quite high. It is possible to apply it to any required thickness. Through stellite machining, compound shapes can be worked with.

There are also high expectations about this business. one discernment is that coatings required are going to exceed industry standards in relation to the quality of deposition required. Most industrial-oriented businesses should be able to be serviced because light to medium sized components of up to two tons can be fabricated.

stellite machining pittsburgh

Complex assembly requirements resulting in required overlays and precision fitting can be provided as well. Welding work used during stellite machining processes is being done in accordance with ASME, AWS and even military industrial standards.

One specialist welding technique entails the creating of an overlay for coated exchanger tubes and tube sheets. Other works in the process include the manufacture of valve parts. This results in turn to the manufacture of backseats, balls, cages, discs, guides and stems. Turbine bell seals, couplers, impellers, high pressure pump shafts and sleeves are also being manufactured.

The development of prototype metals and depositions are informed by the availability and use of powder mesh, if required.